Were you a spotlight or a lantern this week?

Your Friday Trigger Question

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Did you know that there are two kinds of awareness? I wasn’t aware of that.

Cognitive psychos, a sub-group of psychologist, identify two types of awareness. But they call it consciousness, not awareness. I prefer to use the word awareness because I assume that you are always conscious at work.

Here are the two types. Spotlight awareness and lantern awareness.

Can you guess how they work? Yes! Spotlight is what you use to really, really focus your attention on something specific. Lantern is what you use when you need to take in more of your environment.

And here is how you use them. Lantern for creativity; spotlight for reasoning. Lantern for visioning; spotlight for strategy. Lantern for finding connections; spotlight for working connections. Lantern for abstract; spotlight for specific.

Both spotlight and lantern illuminate, but differently. You get the picture?

(A word of warning. I made up three of the four “how to use them.” I wanted to be cleverly creative, so I used my lantern mode. If you want to apply these how-to’s, I suggest you first give them the spotlight treatment.)

Your Friday Trigger Question(s)

Were you a spotlight or a lantern this week?

(How bright did you feel afterwards?)